October 24, 2003

The following announcement was distributed to the Friends mailing list on October 24, 2003:

October 24, 2003

Dear Friends,

There have been a series of inaccurate and very disappointing letters to the editor using Dicken Woods to try to scare voters into rejecting Proposal B. The Steering Committee has coordinated a number of responses (letters to the editor). We find it ironic that the city is taking the blame for the library's attempt to outbid the city at the last minute, thereby driving up the price. We take exception to the blatantly inaccurate arguments these Proposal B opponents are making regarding Dicken Woods. Don't believe their misinformation!

As another quick update, we are working to stay in the loop regarding any possible negotiations between the library and the city for joint use of DW. We continue to oppose any development on DW. No further information is available yet as the city has been preoccupied with other business.

Finally, we are taking initial steps to begin design work on a possible trail system in DW. A small committee is being formed, including representatives from Dicken Elementary School, to begin this early planning work.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any Steering Committee member (contact info available at the website http://dickenwoods.org).


Erik Stalhandske
Friends of Dicken Woods