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Note: This is archived info from the original website for the Friends of Dicken Woods. 
It was written when the Friends were in the process of saving DW


The Friends of Dicken Woods
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The Friends of Dicken Woods include over 170 neighbors and residents of the Dicken Elementary School neighborhood, in addition to other concerned citizens of Ann Arbor who understand that Dicken Woods is an important natural area worth saving.

Below are links to press information including press releases and letters to the editor.

  • Press Release dated July 1, 2003:
    • "Benefit Concert for Friends of Dicken Woods to be held at the Ark on Thursday, August 21"
  • Press Release dated May 29, 2003:
    • "Novi Developer Withdraws Proposal; Friends of Dicken Woods Begin Fundraising for Purchase as City Park"
  • Letter to the Editor, Ann Arbor News, dated March 2, 2003 (unpublished):
    • Response to Judy McGovern's 2/17/03 column in the News regarding the Parkland Acquisition Millage
  • Letter to the Editor, Ann Arbor News, published March 26, 2003:
    • From Clare Riesterer, a 5th grader at Dicken Elementary