Press Release 07-01-03

Note: This is archived info from the original website for the Friends of Dicken Woods. 
It was written when the Friends were in the process of saving DW

The Friends of Dicken Woods
Press Release - July 1, 2003

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Benefit Concert for Friends of Dicken Woods to be held at the Ark on Thursday, August 21

For immediate release
July 1, 2003

Friends of Dicken Woods, a newly incorporated non-profit organization with over 170 members, has confirmed plans for a Benefit Concert at the Ark on Thursday, August 21st at 8 PM. Tickets are $20 with all proceeds benefiting the preservation efforts.The line-up includes George Bedard, nationally recognized guitarist, Matt Watroba, folk singer and Host of Folks Like us on WDET, Emmy-award winning musical talent David Barrett, and Khalid Hanifi, of acclaim from the group Map of the World.

Matt Watroba, long a favorite of Michigan, will emcee the event. " I am happy to support this effort. As a father of four I can certainly see the importance of preserving green space for the neighborhood. A community concert like this is the perfect way to raise money for a cause like this," stated Matt Watroba. David Barrett and George Bedard live within the Dicken Neighborhood with kids that attend the local school abutting Dicken Woods. "Both George and I are glad to be a part of this community effort", stated David Barrett.

Friends of Dicken Woods have been encouraged by the current owners of the property, the Catholic Diocese of Lansing, to develop and present a proposal to preserve this natural area. This ten acre property sits at the highest elevation in Ann Arbor straddling the creekshed divide of Allen's and Mallett's Creeks, and abuts Dicken Elementary School. It is comprised of woodlands, wetlands and significant slopes. This land plays an important wildlife role hosting many varieties of birds, deer, the occasional spotted fox and coyote, and many smaller types of animals, including a healthy variety of frog species.

"Our goal is to raise $50,000 and work with the City to coordinate other funding sources, including the City Parkland Acquisition Millage. Additionally, we will work to tap similar funding from the County park fund, the Michigan DNR and other state sources, and possibly federal sources too", states Naela Jenkins. Mayor Hieftje, Councilpersons Margie Teall and Wendy Woods, and Ron Olson of the City Parks Department have encouraged the group in their activities and development of a formal proposal.

Friends of Dicken Woods recently completed a clean-up on Saturday, May 31. Approximately twenty bags of trash were removed as well as mufflers, chairs, a car tire, and patio umbrella. They also just completed a successful one hundred family yard sale on June 27 and 28, with proceeds supporting their efforts.

Friends of Dicken Woods has over 170 members and a steering committee of approximately 10. See our website for additional information.