Note: This is archived info from the original website for the Friends of Dicken Woods. 
It was written when the Friends were in the process of saving DW


Saving Dicken Woods

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The Friends of Dicken Woods are working to save this splendid natural area by investigating how other similar undertakings have succeeded, researching the history of Ann Arbor's other natural areas (see below), undertaking extensive fundraising efforts, writing letters to the Ann Arbor Planning Commission, the Ann Arbor News and other organizations, rallying new Friends and raising awareness about the threat to this special natural resource.

The Friends have presented at two sessions of the Ann Arbor Planning Commission to halt the proposed Crosswinds destruction of Dicken Woods. After Crosswinds finally backed out of their purchase agreement, the Friends met with the current property owner, the Catholic Diocese of Lansing, and were told two other developers are interested in the property; the Diocese, however, allowed the Friends to submit a viable plan of action to preserve Dicken Woods. At that point, mid-May 2003, the Friends kicked into a higher gear, meeting with City Council representatives, members of the City Park Advisory Commission, members of the City staff, and State Representative Chris Kolb. The Friends also began rallying support from the local environmental and educational communities, receiving rousing letters of support from the Huron River Watershed Council, the Allen's Creek Watershed Group, the Sierra Club - Huron Valley Group, Dr. George Fornero, Superintendent of the Ann Arbor Public Schools, Kathy Scarnecchia, Principal of Dicken Elementary School, and State Representative Chris Kolb. The Friends also presented at numerous meetings of the Ann Arbor Park Advisory Commission as well as a City Council caucus session in early June 2003.

By the June 27, 2003 deadline, the Friends submitted to the Diocese a 33-page Plan of Action to Preserve Dicken Woods.

For more information on how you can help save Dicken Woods, see the 'How to Help' page.