Note: This is archived info from the original website for the Friends of Dicken Woods. 
It was written when the Friends were in the process of saving DW


Letter to the Editor, Ann Arbor News,
dated 3/26/2003, by Clare Riesterer

Consider Child's Point of View on Development

I am a 10-year-old resident of the neighborhood bounded by Maple and Scio Church Roads which is currently under consideration for building townhouses in the woods by my school, Dicken Elementary. I am sure you know that the plan does not suit the adults' needs, but have you seen a child's view?

I am against this proposition because our school is small and full; also it is loud. I will be going to sixth-grade next year and I already know that the middle school is full. The high school is also full. More students would create more chaos. We have enough as it is.

Also, this is a peaceful, quiet neighborhood, with only a little noise. I live by the highway, and at night, it makes lots of noise. I don't want noise and bright lights keeping me awake when I have a big test the next day. I am sure that if Crosswinds would consider a toned-down plan, the neighborhood might consider it.

Please consider a child's point of view when making your decision. I know I like to walk in the woods. Maybe we could make it into a park. People need to be aware of this issue.


Clare Riesterer, Ann Arbor