Williams Feb03pc

Letter to the Planning Commission, February 4, 2003

Marian Williams, representing the Mushroom Park Neighborhood Association

These comments are directed to the Commission in opposition to any rezoning and development of the S. Maple/Pauline property by Crosswinds Communities, with major concern for how our most valuable resource - water - directly affects our neighborhood community.

1. The proposed Crosswinds development would add to an already overstressed/overtaxed sanitary sewer system. Sewage from the proposed development would flow downstream into the Dartmoor area - one of the worst of the City's basement flooding problems. The proposed mitigation plan envisions disconnecting some footing drains in the nearby neighborhood to compensate for the added sewer discharge load. This does not appear to be any mitigation at all since these footing drains would evenutally be disconnected as part of the city's long-range plan to help solve the sanitary sewer overflow problem. Thus, you actually have an added burden to the system which flows into a vulnerable location. The city is currently engaged in a long-range expensive program to alleviate the sanitary sewer overflow problem. Improvement to existing flooding problem will occur only gradually over time. It is not appropriate to add to the problem by allowing new development upstream from affected areas.

2. A further additional burden may be imposed on the sanitary sewer system as part of the clean up of the dioxane plume eminating from Pall Life Sciences. I had attended the meeting at Slauson Middle School last Wednesday regarding identification and containment of the plume which has migrated East of Veterans Park. A possible solution to this problem as noted by an MDEQ official may be to discharge dioxane contaminated water into the sanitary sewer system.

These problems theaten the safety and environmental quality of life in the city of Ann Arbor. Another development would only burdern an already inadequate infrastructure. We urge the Commission not to approve this development.