The Friends of Dicken Woods

By-Laws of Friends of Dicken Woods
Contact the Friends by email at "tivacko at" or call (734) 741-9484.

The Friends of Dicken Woods include over 250 neighbors and residents of the Dicken Elementary School neighborhood, in addition to other concerned citizens of Ann Arbor who appreciate the value of Dicken Woods as an ecological, educational and recreational community asset.

Any individual who cares about saving Dicken Woods is welcome to join the Friends. There are no obligations when joining. You can get as involved as you'd like, from participating on the steering committee, to simply receiving emails to stay informed. For more information, please send an email to "tivacko at" or call (734) 741-9484.

As of December 2003, the Friends focus moved from saving the woods to starting an active stewardship program to improve the woods, including enhancing public access, protecting the ecological role of the land and it's animal habitat, and creating new educational opportunities for the classrooms at Dicken Elementary and other schools. Between October 2002 and November 2003, the Friends worked to save Dicken Woods by fundraising, forming as a non-profit, meeting regularly and coordinating efforts, working to raise awareness in the community regarding the threat to this special land, and researching the land and it's role in both Allen's Creek and Mallett's Creek, and through them, the downstream neighborhoods and the Huron River.