List of FoDW's Early Activities

Below is a summary table listing the major organizational (as opposed to “in-the-woods”) activities and accomplishments of the Friends of Dicken Woods, in reverse chronological order, up through 2006. Also available is a list of “in-the-woods” cleanup/improvement activities beginning with the year 2006.

Date Activity
April 26, 2006 Fundraiser held at Max & Erma's restaurant.
Spring, 2006 First draft of the DW Master Plan developed by Doug Wood. The plan was approved as a working draft (a "living document", to be updated as needed over time) on March 29, 2006.
February, 2006 2nd Annual Mid-winter Candlelight Walk held on Feb. 21. Over 300 people attended! It was a wonderful night for a candlelight walk, with clear star-filled skies overhead.
November, 2005 Fall Celebration on Nov. 6. The Friends hosted a gathering to see the new boardwalk and the restoration efforts at the tadpole pond area. The Dicken grants were also announced and awarded at this gathering.
Fall, 2005 Girl scouts and cub scouts help spread wood chips on the trails in two separate work days.
October, 2005 2nd annual grants program announced, proposals received from Dicken teachers and reviewed by the Friends. Also, new boardwalk constructed as part of Donald McNair's Eagle Scout project. The Friends assisted in the construction of this 40' boardwalk over the wetland area between Carol St. and Dicken Dr.
September, 2005 Rapid and coordinated response to the DTE clear cutting of trees in the seasonal tadpole pond area close to Dicken School. When the damage was found, FoDW quickly mobilized and prevented further destruction, with the help of Dicken School, the central administration of the Ann Arbor Public Schools, and various units of the city government, including the Natural Area Preservation Division, the city Forester's Office, the city Attorney's Office, the city Park Planners Office, and others.
June, 2005 3rd annual spring cleanup day.
June, 2005 3rd annual garage sale fundraiser.
May, 2005 2nd annual dames rocket removal efforts.
February, 2005 Midwinter Moonlight Candlight Walk. Over 200 people, young and old, walked the trails which were lit by over 125 luminaries made by the Dicken students. Aftwards people enjoyed hot chocolate and treats in the Dicken multi-purpose room.
October, 2004 Trail dedication ceremony, along with presenting the Friends' $50,000 check to the City of Ann Arbor for the preservation of DW, and also presenting $1,000 worth of grants to the classrooms at Dicken Elementary School.
September, 2004 Began the FoDW program for grant-making to Dicken Elementary School teachers. FoDW distributed the first annual Request for Proposals to all Dicken teachers, as of Sept. 17, 2004.
September, 2004 Preparations for the DW Trails Dedication Ceremony, scheduled for Sunday Oct. 17, 2004 at 2pm.
August, 2004 Preparations for 2nd Annual Dicken Woods Benefit Concert, scheduled for August 29th at the Ark. Contacted local businesses and got sponsoring support from 6 (Money Source Financial Services, Inc., Advent Engineering Services, Inc., 1-2-3 Painting, Arbor Farms Market, Great Lakes Cycling and Fitness, and Stadium Hardware). Arranged for local radio stations to give away tickets on the air. Distributed 500 flyers throughout neighborhood.
July, 2004 Spread third huge pile of wood chips to continue covering the trials. Chips delivered by the city. All trails completed by July 3rd.
June, 2004 Hosted the 2nd Annual FoDW massive neighborhood garage sale, weekend of June 25-26, raising over $1,600.
June, 2004 Spread second huge pile of wood chips to continue covering the trials. Chips delivered by the city. Center trail and west end of loop completed.
June, 2004 Spread first huge pile of wood chips to start covering the trials. Chips delivered by the city. Trails from Dicken School into DW covered first. Trail from Carol road to Dicken Drive also completed and beginning of entry trail from Dicken Drive into DW covered.
June, 2004 Coordinate with City Forester to pickup donation of 16 trees; FoDW volunteers plant them in DW.
May, 2004 Make first formal microgrants to Dicken Elementary to fund school-wide presentations on birds and on reptiles, to help integrate DW into the Dicken curriculum.
May, 2004 2nd annual DW spring cleanup day. Approximately 50 individuals help remove trash from DW, remove invasive species, and cut the first trail loop.
April, 2004 Begin planning for 2nd neighborhood garage sale for June 25/26 and 2nd benefit concert at the Ark for August 29.
April, 2004 Arrange for Dicken classroom presentations regarding birds and animal habitat, to begin integrating DW into the environmental education curriculum at Dicken.
March, 2004 Host Mayor John Hieftje at monthly FoDW general membership meeting, to thank him for his support in preserving DW.
February, 2004 Trails Committee begins active work for trails planning.
December, 2003 Establish Trails Committee to begin planning for establishment of a trails network in DW.
November, 2003 Dicken Woods ceremonial tree planting and informal park dedication, attended by over 85 individuals, including Council and PAC members, School representatives, and representatives from the Catholic Diocese of Lansing.
October, 2003 Attend City Council meeting where Council voted to purchase Dicken Woods.
October, 2003 Present at City Council Caucus session.
September, 2003 Attend Park Advisory Commission meeting.
August, 2003 First Dicken Woods Benefit Concert at the Ark.
Summer, 2003 Intensive neighborhood outreach to add members and raise funds.
August, 2003 Present at Park Advisory Commission meeting.
July, 2003 Present at Park Advisory Commission meeting.
June, 2003 First neighborhood garage sale.
Summer, 2003 Distribute over 700 neighborhood flyers, door-to-door, 3 times.
June, 2003 Present at June 17 PAC meeting.
June, 2003 Prepare justification to PAC for how Dicken Woods fits with the City's park acquisition master plan.
June, 2003 Meet with City's Manager of Natural Area Preservation Division, Parks & Rec.Dept.
June, 2003 Present at City Park Advisory Commission's Park Acquisition Subcommittee meeting.
June, 2003 Contact community groups and receive letters of support from Huron River Watershed Council, Allen's Creek Watershed Group, Sierra Club-Huron Valley Group, Superintendent of Ann Arbor Public Schools, and the Principal of Dicken Elementary School.
June, 2003 Begin active fundraising with contributions from Friends of Dicken Woods.
June, 2003 File for tax exempt 501 (c)(3) status.
June, 2003 Order and distribute third batch of yard signs.
June, 2003 Meet with State Representative Chris Kolb.
June, 2003 Contact Council member Robert Johnson.
June, 2003 Present at City Council Caucus meeting.
June, 2003 Hold first annual "Clean Dicken Woods" day.
June, 2003 Release first Press Release.
June, 2003 Consult with fundraising professionals.
May, 2003 Build mailing lists for neighborhood and for Dicken Elementary School families.
May, 2003 Begin planning for concert fundraiser for August 2003.
May, 2003 Order and distribute second batch of yard signs.
May, 2003 Contact Councilperson Marcia Higgins.
May, 2003 Receive advice and counsel from Washtenaw Land Trust.
May, 2003 Meet with Ron Olson, Superintendent, City Parks & Recreation Department.
May, 2003 Meet with Councilperson Wendy Woods.
May, 2003 Incorporate as a non-profit organization.
May, 2003 Meet with Councilperson Margie Teall a number of times.
May, 2003 Meet with Mayor John Hieftje a number of times.
May, 2003 Meet with the Diocese of Lansing to discuss purchase options.
May, 2003 Conducte neighborhood water-issues survey.
April, 2003 Order and distribute yard signs.
March, 2003 Established mailing list.
March, 2003 Establish web site.
March, 2003 Commission independent environmental assessment.
March, 2003 Contact representatives of Ann Arbor Public School System environmental education coordinator's office.
March, 2003 Contact management boards of Allen's Creek and Mallett's Creek Watershed Groups.
March, 2003 Walk the land with representative of Washtenaw County Drain Commissioner's Office.
February, 2003 Form Friends of Dicken Woods in February 2003 with monthly meetings since formation.
February, 2003 Approximately 70 unorganized neighbors attend 2nd Planning Commission meeting to protest Crosswinds Communities plan for building condos on Dicken Woods.
November, 2002 Approximately 70 unorganized neighbors attend 1st Planning Commission meeting to protest Crosswinds Communities plan for building condos on Dicken Woods.
October, 2003 Approximately 50 unorganized neighbors attend Crosswinds Communities presentation at Dicken Elementary School for their plan for building condos on Dicken Woods.