Meeting Minutes 01/28/2008

Friends of Dicken Woods General Assembly

DRAFT Minutes for the Monday, January 28, 2008 meeting at Dicken Elementary School

Attendees: Brian Cressman, Jack Eaton, Jim and Sandra Foulke, Jason Frenzel, Robin Gleason, Marcia Higgins, Kay Holsinger, Stephanie Hunter, Tom Ivacko, Naela Jenkins, Debbie Johnson, Diane Macaulay, Victoria Moessner, Deb Norbotten, Burt Perry, Linda Pickl, Caroline and Dean Smith, Leslie and Rich Westubury, Marian and Dick Williams, Doug Wood.

Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Tom Ivacko.

Minutes were accepted from the 4/2/07 meeting.

1. Old Business
Minutes from 11/24 meeting were presented for approval. A motion for approval made by Jack Eaton, second by Burt Perry, vote taken and minutes were approved.

2. Finances
Our budget balance at our last meeting was $5252; current balance is $7397. Since our last meeting our revenues were $2145, including a $1000 donation from a single individual in the neighborhood to fund the Leslie Science Center guide. The remaining money came from various donations. Our imminent expenditures will be a total of $2500 to the school for the grant program, including the $1000 for the Leslie Science Center guide. Other coming expenditures will include the Winter Walk and spring planting day. We should have approximately $4100 in the bank after all these expenses are paid.

3. Updates, Reports, and Discussion Items

a. . 42 North, proposed student housing on S. Maple (Tom Ivacko and Jack Eaton)
After the Planning Commission meeting everyone was disappointed with the outcome, but everyone began work strategizing for the City Council meeting. A huge thanks to Jack and Stephanie who were instrumental in the research and planning stages. Jack stated that it was voted down by CC because of the petition with 211 signatures, letters to the editor, e-mails to Council members and the input of many active members. Jack encouraged everyone to continue to check the S. Maple Group web page for updates on what is to come next. The mayor did direct the developer to work with us and communicate their next steps in an effort to possibly plan a development that the neighborhood could support. The question arose as to how the plan for the heights and configurations came to be and it was stated that the Planning Department staff suggested that the developer increase the heights of the buildings. Jack and Tom stated that they would try to keep everyone aware of what is going on but the best thing to do is continue to check the S. Maple web page. One member asked if Wood Partners does other types of developments, and they stated they do but currently nothing else is selling well.

b. The role of citizen participation in the planning process (Tom Ivacko)
Marcia Higgins began the discussion by saying she supports citizen participation, and did ask the city staff why our group had not been notified to arrange a neighborhood meeting. It is the job of the Planning Department to do the notitification process, and at this time they notify those within 300 feet. Many members felt this number is random and no longer an appropriate way to let residents know what is happening in their area. In addition to the 300 foot guideline, registered groups usually get noticed. Marian Williams stated she is registered for the Mushroom Park neighborhood and did not get notice either. Marcia stated that this process does need to be reviewed, and in an early meeting with the developer did encourage them to notify us, but this did not happen. Leslie Westbury stated that it is important to involve citizens at the beginning at the process rather that when things have been completed. Tom stated that this would have been helpful because Wood Partners followed the guidelines given to them by the Planning Commission, but these just did not mesh with the neighborhood values. Jo Anne Moessner stated she received a notice of a meeting in 6/07. Also, Surrey Park residents were notified but not the management. Marian suggested that all condo associations should register too. Everyone agreed that the process failed in this particular proposal and that the process needs to be reviewed in order to better reflect the magnitude of the project. Kay Holsinger stated that the city should look at the current zoning around the city. Tom stated that the city reviews the Master Plans for each area on a 5year basis. The city realizes the zoning is old and the multiple plans are not meshing together. The goal is to create one master plan for the whole city. They hope to have it all completed by the end of this year, with the goal being to simplify zoning to benefit the city especially for big projects.

Other questions were asked of Marcia such as does the CC always pass a proposal through if the PC has approved it. She stated, no. The CC has the leeway to look at issues around fit in the neighborhood or water. However, with 42 North they could not look at who would be living there because this would be discriminatory.

Is it possible to change zoning if a property owner doesn't want the change? Yes, but they will be grandfathered until the property is sold.

Where are things with the footing drain disconnects? Marcia stated this is something she would look into with the appropriate city staff. She was unsure of why our area had not been completed. The 42 North plan did show some being done as part of their mitigation for the water issues. City staff reviews the data, but the city can not tell a developer who to use for their planning since this is something they are paying for.

Are there increased radon levels after the sump pumps are put in? Marian Williams responded stating that there is but sealing it closed decreases exposure.

Is there enough city staff? Marcia stated there is the same number of staff despite budget changes.

c. Winter Walk (Stephanie Hunter)

The date is 2/19 with alternates as 2/20 and 2/21. The timing will be 7-8pm. People will enter the front door and exit to the woods from the back door. We will rent 3 100 cup urns for the hot chocolate. Tom and Leigh Ann have extra supplies. Naela will get cookies and Rice Krispy treats. Ms. Erikson will put up posters and send home notes. Motion made by Jack to approve spending $300 for supplies, second from Jim Foulke, motion approved.

d. Grants for 2007-08 (Stephanie Hunter)
The kids had total of 14 presentations from the Leslie Science Center. KGarten-Winter Wonderland, 1st-Fur Feathers, 2nd-Trees, 3rd- In Cold Blood, and 4th - Rocks. The 5th graders are creating a wall mural with leaves from DW. It will be a permanent piece of art in the school. The art teacher will use her money for tiles and glazes

So far the school programs are at $1010, and about $200 more for luminaries and other supplies, so all together will be approximately $1400 spent this year.

The Leslies Science Center project is underway. Two staffers came and in serviced the teachers on the program and walked them through the woods. The teachers wanted a map of interesting points in the woods, a field guide with proper behaviors and behavior management. The program complies with new science curriculum.

e/f. Report of Stewardship Day/Spring Planting Day (Doug Wood)
Stewardship Day will be on 9/29, 3 focus areas - maintain trails, remove invasives, and replant desirables. For the spring planting, will be ordering 100 Service Berry bushes, 35 Red Oak trees to go along S. Maple. Some of the trees have died, probably did not have enough mulch. We will need money approved for the purchase of the trees and supplies for prepping the holes, flags, root protein solution and fertilizer tubs. It's estimated that for 200 trees and supplies we will need $450. The trees are available for pick up on 4/25 and 4/26 with the work day being 4/26. Doug made a motion asking for $500 for trees and supplies, second by Jim Foulke, approved.

g. Max and Erma's Fundraiser (Naela Jenkins)
Naela stated she would take care of applying and sending out flyers to the school. Possible dates include 4/23 or 4/24. Naela will notify everyone once the date is chosen and we will send out an all e-mail.

4. Next Meeting< br/> The Steering Committee will discuss and then notify the members.

5. Open Discussion
No topics brought up, motion by Jack to close the meeting, second by Tom and approved.

Meeting ended at 8:30pm.

Minutes by Naela Jenkins and Tom Ivacko