Meeting Minutes 03/25/2009

Friends of Dicken Woods General Assembly

DRAFT Minutes for the Wednesday, March 25, 2009 meeting at Dicken Elementary School

Members Present: Mason Barr, Jack Eaton, Bitsy Lamb, Jim and Sandra Foulke, Jason Frenzel, Stephanie and Ray Hunter, Naela Jenkins, Debbie Johnson, Harvey and Rayelene Mieska, Bob Reynolds, Doug Wood.

Meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by Jack Eaton.

1. Routine Business
A. Minutes. The minutes from the October 13, 2008 meeting were approved.

B. Financial Report. The balance forward from 2008 was $6,567.91. Expenses since then include $1,340 for the Leslie Science & Nature Center Grant on February 8, $213.04 for the 2009 Winter Walk supplies on February 8, $68 to Theresa Erickson for Winter Walk art supplies on February 9, and $230.50 to Stephanie Hunter for trees on March 24. During the Winter Walk, $63 in donations was collected and deposited on February 21, bringing the new checkbook balance to $4,779.37. A motion was made to pay these expenses and it was passed.

C. 2008 Donation Report. In 2008, individuals donated a total of $1,700 (correct amount?). Jack mailed thank you notes to each person who made a donation.

D. Max & Erma's Fundraiser. Naela Jenkins discussed the annual Max & Erma's fundraiser. She proposed scheduling it during April 21-23, and she will try for Wednesday, April 22. Naela would like someone else to take over this event next year, and will email the all group to see if someone is interested so they can learn the procedure this year.

2. Updates, Reports, and Discussion Items
A. 2008 Winter Walk. Stephanie Hunter said the Winter Walk on Tuesday, February 9, from 7-8 pm was very successful, and a large turnout of 317 attended. The weather cooperated so the event was held on the original date planned and didn't have to be postponed. The only problem was the candle lighters, which didn't work as well as hoped, and the cocoa was a little hot. Otherwise it went very well.

B. 5th Anniversary presentation to City Council. Jack Eaton went to the City Council Meeting on February 17 to report on the status of Dicken Woods and to thank the Council for their support. He gave each Council member a packet, which they quietly and graciously accepted. Stephanie said the council members really looked at the packets. A reporter for WEMU came to the meeting and scheduled a followup visit to Dicken Woods, during which he talked with Jack and Doug Wood about the role of Friends of Dicken Woods in the preservation and improvement of the nature area. WEMU broadcasted a piece about the presentation and posted it on their website.

3. New Business
A. Spring Work Day. Doug Wood discussed the upcoming Spring Work Day, which is scheduled for Saturday, April 25, from 9 am - 12 noon. He said 150 oaks and 50 walnut trees will be picked up the day before and planted in specified areas. He said the goal is to develop the Woods with hard wood species. Also, bucket oaks and serviceberrys will be available in the fall. NAP agreed to loan or give us some Gator Bags to use to water the bigger trees. Stephanie said that the planting plan for this year depends on how many people show up. The main goal is to plant all of the trees, and if extra people come then they can mulch the old trees and pick up trash. Stephanie paid $230.50 to the Washtenaw County Conservation District for the 200 trees, and would like up to $400 more for wild flowers and additional trees to plant in the fall. Doug made a motion for up to $400 be allocated for these expenses, and the motion passed. In relation to working in the woods, Naela discussed the "Girls on the Run" program at Dicken School, part of which is a community service project. Last year the girls weeded and reseeded the wild flowers at the end of Carol and scattered seeds from there into other parts of the woods.

B. Pinelake Village Planting Day. This event is scheduled for May 16, during which time they will plant small shrubs and wild flowers. Jack suggested that it would be a good gesture to help them.

C. Planning for 2009. Jack and Stephanie said that we are going to have a butterfly census this year. Stephanie mentioned that this year will be our fourth bird census. During a discussion of the dead ash trees, Jason Frenzel said that they aren't a big problem yet, and it's best to just let them fall and rot naturally unless they become a trail hazard, and to plant replacements. Also, some dead trees encourage woodpeckers and other birds. Jack suggested that since community service projects are now a requirement for students, that someone contact Slauson and Pioneer to tell them we have projects available.

4. Next meeting. Jack will select the next meeting date.
Since no one had any other items to discuss, a motion was made to close the meeting. It was seconded and the motion passed.

The meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Note: After the meeting officially adjourned, it was noted that Ray Hunter has agreed to take over Doug Wood's job of photo monitoring the woods to provide NAP a snapshot time line.

Minutes by Debbie Johnson.