Meeting Minutes 05/05/2003

Minutes from the May 5, 2003 Meeting of The Friends of Dicken Woods

We opened the meeting with introductions by all members present.

Erik Stalhandske-Erik began the meeting with continued discussions of items discussed at our previous meeting.

  • More yard signs have been ordered, if Tom is willing to put them on his front porch again, then this is where they will be once they are ready. The new batch of signs will cost $260. Everyone should be aware that several signs have been taken down by the police because of being placed to close to the street or on the extension of grass between the sidewalk and street. Please keep this in mind when placing your sign. Also, we discussed the possibility of people going door to door with 5 signs to raise awareness of our organization, and if people were interested we would leave a sign in there yard, and if they were willing we could accept a donation to defray the cost of the signs. However, since we are not an official non-profit group yet, this may be a problem if someone requested a receipt for the donation.
  • Still no new information from Alexis, thus far Crosswinds has not resubmitted.
  • Flyer distribution to raise awareness and explain the signs was again discussed. The preliminary text of the content was reviewed as well as several lay out options. We want any interested parties to be able to reach our group, so Stephanie H. and Jim B’s phone numbers will be included so that people without web access can reach us. Also, a form asking for basic information will be part of the flyer if anyone wants to mail instead of phone. We hope to distribute the flyers door to door before the Ice Cream Social at Dicken Elementary. At the social, we hope to be wearing buttons or the like to identify ourselves so that interested parties can ask us about the group. Initially we will distribute 250, and assess our response before doing more. Beth L. is working on the flyer, and Erik, Mike and Jack will help with the text and get back to Beth within one week.
  • We are working on getting the environmental report on the website for all to read.

Jim Boyd-Jim has called the Diocese twice, but has not heard back from them. We are trying to get permission for a clean-up date as well as a time to meet and discuss our efforts. The goal is to arrange a meeting some time in June.

  • On Tuesday, Jim will travel to Lansing to file papers with the state as part of out first steps in becoming an official non-profit organization. The whole process will probably take a few months. Once we can open a bank account this will be done, and we hope to be able to start reimbursing everyone who has paid for things related to the organization through fundraising or donations.

Deb Norbotten-Deb to be Treasurer of the group and anyone who has spent money thus far should give her receipts or let her know amounts so that we can start keeping track of this in order to make the reimbursement process easier. The media center at Dicken is not available for June 2nd, our tentative next meeting date. She will continue to arrange a new date and post the information when available.

Naela Jenkins-We are proposing a garage sale as our first fundraiser. The potential dates our June 27 and 28. Naela will send out a general e-mail to see how much help and interest there is from the group to be sure this can be done and be profitable. Other ideas discussed were a raffle, an ice cream social, and a fun walk with kid’s activities. Anyone with ideas, please feel free to e-mail them to the group.

The following action items were identified:

  • Jim B-Continue to try and reach the Diocese, and go to Lansing to file our Articles of Incorporation.
  • Naela Jenkins-Send an e-mail to gage interest in garage sale, and begin planning.
  • Erik Stalhandske-Attempt to arrange a meeting with the Mayor and Ron Olson, Director of the Parks and Rec Department.
  • Deb Norbotten-Collect receipts from everyone and create a ledger to keep track of expenditures. Also schedule a new meeting date.