Meeting Minutes 05/29/2003

Minutes from the May 29, 2003 Meeting of the Friends of Dicken Woods Steering Committee

A subset of the SC met at Erik Stalhandske's house on 5/22/03. Attending were Erik Stalhandske, Jim Boyd, Beth Loesch, Jack Eaton, Mike Champion, Tom Ivacko, Naela Jenkins, Deb Norbotten and Stephanie Hunter.

Below is a list of the items discussed:

  1. Reviewed & proofed informational flyer. Beth will print a bundle. Stephanie is ready to hand out.

  2. Reviewed garage sale flyer. Everyone will print out a handful and try for yellow paper.

  3. Reviewed press release. Erik got quote from Margie Teal. Press release went to Cathy O"Donnell at the Ann Arbor News; she expressed interest, but we don't know when/if it will run.

  4. Saturday Cleanup - Jack will send email to the group saying we will meet at school at 9:00. Say we hope to have AA news story. Beth will get garbage bags. Bring extra gloves. Wear long pants and bring gloves. Bring kids. We will do the periphery. Disposing of trash - we'll see what we have and make a run to the dump if needed.

  5. City Council Caucus - this Sunday at 7:00pm. We will get together at 6:00 to figure out what to say. The steering committee is encouraged to attend. What are our points

  6. Purpose & background (Erik), property description (Beth- basic issues of drainage and wetlands, we have no natural areas in our neighborhood, no safe access for our kids), plan, and what we want from council (Naela - pledge, working with who, initiated fund raising, have pledges for $, have talked to city council representatives, ask for their endorsement). Opportunity to protect it; it's a wonderful thing… Take brochure, press release, environmental report, buttons; want a packet for each councilperson - 15 copies. Jim will copy environmental report. Beth will put rest together.

  7. Press release and coverage by other entities - Jim will call AA observer. Tom will talk with Ted Heusal, WAAM radio host.

  8. Need to update our contact at Diocese. Ask for option to complete fund raising as last resort. First tell them that we have pledges. Ask if they will give us 6 months, or suggest that we be able to get in before he accepts a developer. We don't know that the land has ever been actively on the market. Find out how their fund raising efforts went to see if they are under more or less pressure. Try to get agreement to submit proposal by end of June.

  9. We really need to get the parks commission to consider the issue. The property is not in the parks' 5 year plan. It may not have been considered, because it was not in the city. Naela will check with Dave Borneman from the parks department.

  10. Pledges from the steering committee. Jim and Eric pledge $5000 each, Naela & Jeff, Tom, Mike, Beth pledge $1000 each household. Eric is talking with 2 neighbors to get a commitment. Naela will approach Dicken neighbors.

  11. Brainstormed other ideas. Raffle, donation buckets at events,

  12. Tax-exempt status of pledges is retroactive, so we could say that. Deb will get book to give receipts.

  13. Misc. - Need bucket for donations (sign for bucket), Need flyer holders in for yards.

  14. Everyone will print a handful of copies of garage sale flyer. Beth will print info flyer 300-400.

  15. Yard sale update - 10 - 15 people said that they would donate time. June 21st from 1-5pm is clean up. Have 3-4 people for Saturday and decent coverage for Friday. Bitsy is volunteering for childcare. Naela will get Meijer brand cookies, lemonade and coffee. Two cookies and juice or coffee for a dollar. Jack will bring large coffee urn. Need coolers. Need tables!!! Stephanie will check on free tables, or else we will rent. Stephanie will get change.

  16. Meeting next Wednesday. Slate of officers - Propose Jim as Secretary because it's in the proposal. Deb is nominated for Treasurer, Naela is nominated for VP; Tom is nominated for co-VP. Erik is nominated for President. Will vote at meeting. Beth will send email of candidates and meeting announcement.

  17. Need meeting place after school closes. Tom will call the church on Maple.

  18. Finances to Deb. - Eric has folder of donations. All are to keep receipts and gives copy to Deb.

  19. Ark update - Eric spoke to proprietor; he is pursuing it another week. We can also go to Unitarian Universalist church as backup.

  20. Naela is contacting Bill Hanson at the Washtenaw Land Trust to see if they will accept money, if they are truly tax exempt, and to see if they will lend their name to the Ark.

  21. Going to Ice Cream Social - We need to show up with buttons and flyers. Don't ask for money.