Meeting Minutes 09/24/2007

Friends of Dicken Woods General Assembly

DRAFT Minutes for the Wednesday, September 24, 2007 meeting at Dicken Elementary School

Attending were Mason Barr, Jim Boyd, Brian Cressman, Jack Eaton, Lynn Everett, Inge Ferguson, Jim Foulke, Sandy Foulke, Kay Holsinger, Stephanie Hunter, Tom Ivacko, Naela Jenkins, Debbie Johnson, Harvey Mieske, Rayelene Mieske, Deb Norbotten, Linda Pickl, Marian Williams, and Doug Wood.

Meeting opened by Tom Ivacko, President at 7:02pm. Introductions were made of those present and new member Lynn Everett was introduced to all in attendance.

Minutes were accepted from the 4/2/07 meeting.

1. Old Business
Tom asked if there were any changes to the minutes of the May 30th meeting, and no one offered concerns. A motion was made by Jack Eaton to approve the minutes, a second given by Jim Boyd, all in favor and minutes were approved.

2. Finances
First discussion was to move the agenda item of the fall fundraising letter to coincide with the Grants program discussion. Then the report was given by Tom, at the May meeting we had $5217, and now we have $5252. Expenses totaled $65, $35 to the Huron Valley Community Network for our webpage, $20 to the State of Michigan for our non-profit permit and $10 to the school for room rental. Revenue totaled $100 of matching funds from Microsoft from a prior donation by an FoDW member. A motion was made by Mason Barr to approve above expenses, second by Jack Eaton, motion approved by all.

3. Open Secretary Position
Amanda Koeller, our secretary for one and a half years has resigned due to her husband transferring to Washington. Tom offered a big thanks to Amanda for all her help with many projects in addition to her Secretary duties. Tom then asked if anyone was interested in assuming the position until June 2008. Naela Jenkins responded she would accept the position, so an e-mail vote would be sent out to the SC, and Jack agreed to do the taxes.

4. Updates, Reports, and Discussion Items

    a. City resolution/charter amendment on park sales voted down
    There was a proposal that any sale of parks/natural areas would have to be approved by the citizens. Initially was set to pass, and seemed to have some support on City Council, but at last minute voted down due to concerns that the definition of "park land" was to confusing. Tom spoke to Marcia Higgins and asked if this might come back but she wasn't sure. In her opinion, this could not happen to Dicken Woods because we put money into it. Also, areas that are in the Master Plan would be protected, so we need to check and see if DW is. Jim Boyd stated we should look into whether or not DW is now in the Master Plan, and if it isn't, to see how to add it. Jack Eaton motioned (seconded by Mason Barr) to instruct Tom to find out about these issues. All voted in favor. Tom stated he would followup.

    b. Grants Program
    Stephanie Hunter stated that the teachers would like the same program as last year. The art teacher will have the 5th graders go into the woods for leaves and then make tiles of them. The tiles will then all be put together to form a permanent tree on the wall somewhere in the school. The Leslie Science Center programs have gone up by $25 each, so we will spend the full $1500 allotted this year. Stephanie then went on to discuss a program that the LSC would do just for Dicken. They will create a teacher manual to give creative ideas for each grade level to study science and nature in DW. The LSC staff will take the kids out the first time and give the teachers an in-service. The whole program including the staff support would cost $1000. Some concerns raised were would the teachers be interested, and would it fit into the curriculum. Stephanie would follow up on these concerns and keep us posted. Motion made by Jack to spend $1000 on this program if the teachers are interested, second by Mason Barr and motion passed. Final approval will come from SC, after all the details are obtained.

    c. Stewardship Day 9/29
    Doug Wood stated this day will be in conjunction with NAP and be from 9am-12pm. They will bring a truck, staff and tools. Emphasis is on buckthorn removal, and the trees are marked with paint so will know which ones to cut. They will have several team leaders to help each group of 10-15 volunteers complete a set task. The Boy Scouts left some logs behind the school from a past project and these will be used to mark the trails again. Also, discussed beginning the Sunday afternoon work days again with the goal being touching up the trails with new chips and around the new sapling trees we planted last spring. A number of the new trees have died, and NAP is unsure of any other approach, so for now will continue to plant trees every year until we get to the level we want. Stephanie stated that the Serviceberry trees are doing well and half the Oaks made it. Last year all the trees cost $300 and took about 3hrs to plant with the good number of volunteers there to help.

    d. Winter Walk
    Teachers are interested in doing it again, so Stephanie will coordinate. This year they are using plastic potato flake containers for the luminaries, so if anyone can get these, please pass along to Steph. Inga will check Pioneer for some, Raylene will get candles, Jim has posters and Naela will help coordinate food.

    e. Fall Fundraising Letter
    Tom will do this again, he will highlight the work that's been done this year, tree plantings and grant program.

5. Next Meeting
Our next meeting will be in January before the Winter Walk.

6. Open Discussion

Inge announced she is working on getting into a seminar for Master Woodland, hopes to participate in the Spring.

Jack made a motion to close the meeting, second from Brian Cressman, motion passed, and meeting adjourned at 8pm.

Minutes by Naela Jenkins and Tom Ivacko