Meeting Minutes 09/27/2011

Friends of Dicken Woods General Assembly

for the September 27, 2011 meeting at Dicken Elementary School.

Members Present: Mason Barr, Jim Boyd, Kay Holsinger, Stephanie Hunter, Tom Ivacko, Debbie Johnson, Theresa Leite, Harry and Rayelene Mieske, Deb Norbotten, Richard Westbury, Marian Williams, Doug Wood.

The meeting was called to order by Jim Boyd at 7:00 pm.

1. Financial Update
a. The Max & Erma's fundraiser brought in $297.27 and the current balance is $5,427.41.
b. The FODW finances have stayed stable for the last 3-4 years. Fewer people are donating money but we're not spending as much.

2. Approval of By-law changes
a. Officers' terms changed from one to two years: Tom Ivacko moved to make the change to go in effect with current officers, it was seconded, all were in favor, and it passed.
b. Change general membership meetings from four times per year to semiannually: A motion was made, it was seconded, all were in favor, and the motion passed.

3. Proposal of change to By-laws fixing Steering Committee (SC) membership
a. There was a question whether the list of current SC members is current. The By-laws say the minimum number of SC members should be 10, which raised a question about needing to set a number, which may cause problems about number for quorum.
b. Currently there are 4 officers and 3 stewards which makes it 7. We could say the SC consists of these 7 and whoever else wants to join. A new petition will be sent out to change it. Doug Wood proposed that a quorum of 5 from the SC should be required to make changes and remove the maximum or minimum number of SC members.

4. Grant funding Leslie Nature Science Center
a. FODW usually allots $1,500. Typical cost is $1200-$1400 with the remainder going toward supplies for the Winter Walk. This year the cost of Leslie Science Center presentations have gone up, and expenses for the Winter Walk may go up.
b. A proposal was made to give $1,000 directly to Leslie Science Center for Dicken Elementary School, letting the teachers decide on how it will be used, and use $500 for Winter Walk. Our name would then be on the Leslie Science Center's website, along with other organizations who have donated. The motion was seconded and passed.

5. Upcoming work days
a. September was a National Day of Service and Remembrance. We planted 7 oak trees.
b. October 1 is National Be the Change Day. We will work to chip the trails.
c. October 22 is National Make a Difference Day and October 23 is a NAP work day. On these days we will have U-M students helping us continue to chip the trails and cut and clear buckthorn.

6. Open discussion
a. The FODW 10-year anniversary is coming up since 2002 was first organizational meeting. It was suggested that we could use it as celebration and PR for woods, and then perhaps have block party at the end of Dicken Drive.
b. Mason Barr suggested making a flyer about the history of FODW and DW and focus on the civic action aspect. We will continue to brainstorm about it.

7. The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.

Minutes by Debbie Johnson.