Friends of Dicken Woods Annual Meeting

Minutes for the October 5, 2017 meeting at Bitsy and Jack Eaton's house

Members present:

Mary Duff-Silverman, Tom Ivacko, Deb Norbotten, Bitsy Lamb, Stephanie Hunter, Doug Wood,

Kay Holsinger, Jack Eaton.


 The meeting was called to order by Bitsy Lamb at 7:45 pm.


1. Old Business:

Motion to reimburse Bitsy for flowers sent to the visitation for Dick Williams, a long-term Friend who passed away.  Vote was 8-0 in favor of reimbursement.

2. New Business:

Revenue stream possibilities discussed.  Do we need a new stream of income since the

Max and Erma’s fundraiser event has gone away.

Doug observed that a need for funds should arise from a need to spend on something.

A Membership invitation will be posted on the website on several surrounding neighborhoods, roughly equivalent of the Dicken School catchment area.

Fund Balance is at $5935.48  Tom will initiate.

Bitsy will investigate other local fundraising possibilities.

Stephanie reported that we have logged 296 work hours in the Woods this year so far.    that will go way up with the workday supervised by NAP on November 18.  Chipping trials is planned.  The city will send postcards to locals to invite participation.

Thanks to Doug, we have new descriptive signs in key spots, including the Maple Pollinator Corridor, Pollinator Meadow, etc.

In addition to the flowers sent to Dick Williams’ funeral, the Friends will plant a tree in Dick’s memory.  Tulip tree was the species preferred, but a final decision will depend on site and availability.

Friends will provide food for the workers on the NAP workday.  Stephanie will recruit help for tables, tents and supplies.


3. Officer Elections:

Tom moved to nominate all current officers to another term of service.  Stephanie nominated Jack for Recording Secretary to replace Debbie Johnson.  Motions passed unanimously.  Stephanie had to leave at this time


4. Tom moved to adjourn, multiple seconds and the motion passed 7-0 at 8:40pm.

 Minutes submitted by Jack Eaton.