Meeting Minutes 10/22/2014

Friends of Dicken Woods General Assembly

for the October 22, 2014 meeting at Dicken Elementary School.

Members present: Jim Boyd, Mary Duff-Silverman, Stephanie Hunter, Deb Norbotten, Marian Williams, Dick Williams, Doug Wood, Kay Holsinger, Jack Eaton, Bitsy Lamb, Jim Foulke, Sandy Foulke, Tom Ivacko, Angela Holzheuer, Bill Holzheuer, Rich Westbury, Charles Miller.

The meeting was called to order by Jim Boyd at 7:06 pm.

1. Financial Report:
Deb Norbotten reviewed finances. FoDW has $7,150.45 in its bank account. Recent contributions include $1,000 for the annual Leslie Science Center program, $50 for food for the 10/25/14 work day, and $229.92 from the Max and Ermas fundraiser last spring. FoDW has provided $1,000 to Leslie Science Center, $25 to HVCN for the FoDW website and listserv, and $15 to Ann Arbor Public Schools for meeting space. Jim Boyd thanked the donors for their generosity and noted in particular the $1,000 that underwrites the terrific environmental education experience for Dicken students through the Leslie Science Center programs.

2. Winter Walk:
Stephanie Hunter noted that Dicken Elementary has now taken charge of the annual winter walk. Last year went well and expectations are this year will as well. Stephanie also noted that Wines Elementary School is now planning to hold a winter walk and that they contacted FoDW for tips.

3. Listserv problems:
Tom Ivacko reviewed recent problems with the FoDW email listserv. Most problems have been resolved but some members with addresses are still not getting FoDW emails. HVCN volunteers are still trying to resolve the problems. Stephanie suggested we should contact all current members on the email list to see if they still want to remain on the list. It was decided that we will do so, but will wait until the new FoDW officers are in place.

4. Work day:
Stephanie reviewed plans for the work day on Sat. 10/25/14, from 9am to noon. FoDW is running the work day, and we expect volunteers from a number of groups. Leigh Ann Boyd will bring refreshments. Work include chipping the trails, working on the Carol St. entrance, the trench on S. Maple, planting new plants, picking up trash, and more. FoDW has been getting donated plants that have been removed from a downtown construction site, with more than 200 plants planted recently along the S. Maple trench.

5. Steering Committee:
Jim reviewed the status and purpose of the Steering Committee. Angela Holzheuer volunteered to join the committee, was nominated by Jim, and approved by a vote of the members in attendance. Jim proposed removing two inactive members - Mike Champion and Inge Ferguson, and thanked them for their service, particularly Mike Champion who played a large role in the original saving of Dicken Woods. Jack Eaton moved that the members vote to remove them; Bitsy Lamb seconded the motion. The members voted unanimously to approve the motion.

6. Officers:
Jim reviewed the status of the officers and solicited nominations for the officer positions. Stephanie nominated Bitsy Lamb for Pesident. Tom nominated Jim for Vice President. Jim nominated Deb Norbotten for Treasurer and Debbie Johnson for secretary. The nominees encouraged anyone else who may be interested in the officer positions to put their names up for election. It was agreed an email will be sent to all members to solicit other nominations and to announce the pending elections, and also possible changes to the by-laws.

7. Minutes from the last meeting:
After the minutes from the last FoDW meeting had been passed around for review, Jack moved approval, Bitsy seconded the motion, and the motion was approved unanimously by the members present.

8. Open comments:
Marian Williams suggested that FoDW try to get new members to join the organization. All agreed. Ideas included reaching out through the school and its PTO, as well as announcements at the Winter Walk, and through the new neighborhood wide website known as "Next Door Dicken."

9. The meeting was adjourned at 7:44 pm after a motion by Jack, seconded by Bitsy.

Minutes by Tom Ivacko.