Friends of Dicken Woods Annual Meeting minutes 10/29/19

Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm.

Doug Wood, Deb Norbotten, Jack Eaton, Bitsy Lamb, Jen Rutkiewicz and Stephanie Hunter in

Old business
Stephanie presented bills for plants and supplies from the 2019 season and for the work day
refreshments. Deb reimbursed the total of $268.21.

New business
Discussion of memorial donations made in honor of Mason Barr. There is over $1000 added to
DW funds in his memory.

We discussed and motioned to continue our regular gift to Leslie Science Center for at least
another year because of this income. The motion was unanimously approved.

Stephanie moved to add Jen Rutkiewicz to the steering committee, and to remove Angela
Holzheuer, Brian Cressman, Marian Williams and Debbie Johnson. The motion carried.

Jack moved that all officers currently serving should be retained, and that Jen should be elected
as our new secretary. The motion passed unanimously.

The group toasted our departed Friend Mason Barr, may he rest in peace, as a champion of
Dicken Woods, and a really good guy.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.