Meeting Minutes 11/12/2014

Friends of Dicken Woods General Assembly

Minutes for the November 12, 2014 meeting at Dicken Elementary

Members present: Mason Barr, Mary Duff-Silverman, Stephanie Hunter, Debbie Johnson, Bitsy Lamb, Deb Norbotten, Richard Westbury, Doug Wood. In addition to the votes cast in the meeting by the attendees, members Marian Williams and Tom Ivacko provided proxy ballots in favor of all of the nominated candidates and for the approval of the proposed bylaws changes in advance of the meeting.

The meeting was called to order by Deb Norbotten at 7:15 pm.

1. Election of officers:
Four candidates have been nominated: Bitsy Lamb for President, Jim Boyd for Vice President, Deb Norbotten for Treasurer, and Debbie Johnson for Secretary. These candidates were unanimously voted in.

2. By-Laws:
Several changes to the By-Laws were recently proposed to make them more flexible. These changes were posted on the Friends of Dicken Woods website for all to see. Doug Wood made a motion to accept the changes as posted, Mary Duff-Silverman seconded the motion, and it was unanimously approved.

3. New Steering Committee member:
The group unanimously voted to approve adding Rich Westbury to the Steering Committee.

4. Other business:

Bitsy moved to adjourn the meeting and Rich seconded it. The meeting was adjourned at 7:21 pm.

Minutes by Deb Johnson.