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News Archive:

    • In 2018 the Friends of Dicken Woods:

      • Put in 250 work hours
      • Cleared and chipped all trails that needed to be done
      • Cleared around the areas of planted trees
      • Continued work on the pollinator corridor along S Maple
      • Continued  work in the wildflower meadow at the end of Dicken
      • Planted 6 new trees 
      • Updated our tree survey
      • Continued invasive clearing and planting along the sidewalk from Dicken to S Maple
      • Had one official work day with our local boy scout troop
      • Thanks to our anonymous donor, gave $1000 to LSNC for programs for Dicken School     
    • Recent Email to the Friends' Mailing List:

      You probably have noticed the orange tags on many trees in the woods.  For the most part these are the trees that have been planted over the years.  In addition, some tags are on trees that flower in the spring, mostly cherry and apple. 

      Our tree count yielded many positive results.  For example, there are 21 serviceberry trees along S Maple.  When these were planted they were the size of soda straws. Serviceberries provide ripe berries early in the summer so are a good source of food for young birds. 

      Our native flowers are doing well.  We continue to plant along S Maple and in the meadow but we no longer have to water the natives that were planted in previous years. We continue to experiment with varieties and locations.  Please don't pick the flowers. They  are for us to enjoy and for the insects and birds to use.  In the meadow many have identification tags.

      We tried something new with our native plants and it seems to have been successful.  We always collect seeds and then scatter them back into the woods.  But in the fall of 2017 we planted some of these seeds into gardens at home.  Many sprouted in the spring of 2018 and were transplanted into large pots. By the fall of 2018 we were able to plant large, healthy plants back into the woods.  We will watch for them this spring.  We saved a lot of money growing them ourselves.

    • In 2017 the Friends of Dicken Woods:
      • put in 429 work hours
      • cleared and chipped all trails that needed to be done
      • had two official work days, one with our local boy scouts, and one as an open neighborhood workday
      • planted 6 trees, two donated by the boy scouts
      • continued work on the pollinator corridor along S Maple, adding many native plants and seeds
      • developed a pollinator meadow at the end of Dicken, adding many native plants and seeds
      • added two signs identifying these two locations
      • continued buckthorn removal, clearing around trees
      • donated $1000 to LSNC for continued educational programs at Dicken School

    • In 2016, the Friends of Dicken Woods:

      • put in 423 work hours.
      • cleared and chipped all of the trails that needed to be done.
      • had two work days with young hockey players and local boy scouts.
      • continued work on the pollinator corridor along S. Maple.
      • eliminated much of the invasive trumpet vine along S. Maple.
      • planted 5 oak trees in its place.
      • set up a watering system along S. Maple using the fire hydrant there.
      • donated $1000 to LSNC for educational programs at Dicken School.

    • As of November, 2015, the site plan proposal for the new apartment complex that had been proposed for the southern portion of the Grace Bible Church property has been withdrawn.  For the latest information, check the South Maple Group website: