FoDW Steering Committee

See the list of current officers and Steering Committee members below.

The Friends of Dicken Woods Steering Committee includes the offices of President, 2 Vice-Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer. Beyond these five offices, additional FoDW members are appointed as Steering Committee members. According to the FoDW By-Laws: "The Steering Committee will conduct the business of the organization in accordance to the descriptions of each office." See the By-Laws for more information about the officers and the role of the Steering Committee.

The By-Laws also state: "The Steering Committee will consist of at least 10 members including the named officers of the organization. Members of the Steering Committee may be appointed by the President of the organization subject to ratification by a majority vote of the general membership in attendance at a general membership meeting.

Steering Committee members, including the named officers, will conduct the business of the organization. The Steering Committee will conduct business and make routine decision by majority vote of committee members in attendance. The business of the Steering Committee will include the authorization of expenditures for routine and necessary expenses incurred in furtherance of the organization's purpose."

The Friends of Dicken Woods
Steering Committee

The current members of the Steering Committee are:

Name Email
Jim Boyd, Vice-President jboyd at
Mary Duff-Silverman duffsilv at
Jack Eaton jackeaton at
Stephanie Hunter huntersofa2 at
Tom Ivacko tivacko at
Bitsy Lamb, President bitsylamb at
Deb Norbotten, Treasurer norbotten at
Jen Rutkiewicz
Marian Williams wilfact at
Rich Westbury r1westbury at
Doug Wood dougwoodaa at

See a list of former members of the Steering Committee.